SAKSHI NUTRITION under Sakkalp Health by Nutrition Pvt Ltd is committed to serve people in regaining and maintaining health. In this respect Sakshi nutrition welcomes everybody to collaborate with us.

Sakshi nutrition is interested in collaboration of activities which are helpful for people’s service

  1. To increase our services to people who can benefit from us – Marketing Influencers- Youtubers, Affiliates, Organisations
  2. To give laboratory services to people in a comfortable and affordable way – pathology laboratories, special functional nutrition laboratories and genetic laboratories
  3. Other treatment modalities, extension of our services to the people in need- Doctors, Clinics, Hospitals
  4. Social organisations tie up like- Rotary Club, Lion’s Club, Social Media Club and Communities, NGO’s (National Government Organisations) working on health.
  5. Other research activity –for benefit of mankind
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