Dr. Chandan Sabale


  • MBBS MD Microbiology
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical nutrition and Dietetics
  • Certificate course in Obesity management
  • Advanced Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Research, Clinical Data Management and Pharmacovigilance.
  • Now expert in integrative functional nutrition (Diet doctor)

He has more than 15 years of experience in different medical fields like Private Practice, Associate professor in medical college, Medical officer in RNTCP program (Chest hospital) , Blood  Bank Medical officer, Member secretary  of Clinical research committee, Medical Director at Stem cell Cord blood bank.

Director’s Message

Sakshi Nutrition is a brand of a Pune based company, Sakkalp Health by Nutrition Pvt Ltd. It dedicated to serve people to achieve ‘A Healthy and Long life’ by means of: Healthy life style, Healthy nutrition and Exercise to keep them away from Lifestyle/Metabolic Diseases and achieve Healthy Aging. We strive to promote an active lifestyle among a larger number of centenarians.

Why did we start this company?

Being an allopathic doctor, I have seen many types of people suffering from multiple disease condition, I have been with them throughout their sufferings. I have seen people fighting their way out, on the other hand many losing hope within their early forties and leaving their families behind in sorrow.

It is scientifically proven that Modern life style, Eating processed food, Epigenetic changes due to pollution, Toxic environment, Modern life work, Financial and Emotional stress leads to damaging effect on body and ultimately leads to metabolic diseases.

Can we stop this? Yes! What if we could change our eating pattern? We can include more nutritive food in our diet instead of empty calories, remove toxins from body and stay away from toxic environment, correct all nutritional deficiencies , supplement ourselves with our traditional herbs, super-foods, add regular aerobic exercises and weight training, mind healing through meditation, yoga, NLP techniques. As a company we are strong believer that these components if applied together in our life will lead to a very positive change in our health and mindset!

Late Kalpana D Sabale

In loving memory of my late mother, Late Kalpana D. Sabale, I dedicate Sakkalp Health by Nutrition Pvt Ltd to her. Her unwavering support and encouragement throughout her life have inspired me deeply.

 My mother, a dedicated teacher, devoted her life to transforming the lives of her students. Her own battle with cancer profoundly impacted me. Though she survived ovarian cancer in 2009, it resurfaced in an inoperable form after 12 years, leading to her passing on October 25th, 2021.

 This devastating experience compelled me to delve into the fields of nutrition and alternative therapy. I am determined to prevent and prolong the lives of cancer patients as a tribute to my mother. Sakkalp Health is born from this inspiration, aiming to make a positive impact on individuals facing similar health challenges.

 I am grateful for the love and life lessons my mother shared with me. Her memory continues to motivate me as I tirelessly work to provide effective nutrition and alternative therapy solutions. Through Sakkalp Health, I aspire to improve the lives of people and offer them a healthier future.

 With love and gratitude, I dedicate Sakkalp Health by Nutrition Pvt Ltd to my mother’s enduring legacy. Her spirit will forever guide me on this journey, and her memory will always be cherished in our work.

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